I know firsthand from being a work-at-home mom selling on eBay there were times I felt like I was all alone creating eBay listings and making shipping decisions.  Back then, the only support I could find were  online forums within the eBay community called “Groups” which was an awesome discovery because I finally felt like I could “connect” with other eBay sellers from around the country that were just like me, trying to make a living selling online. eBAy Groups can still be found today on the site at http://community.ebay.com/t5/Groups/ct-p/Groups

We’ve come a long way since then! Now there are many opportunities to connect, engage, ask questions and just “hang-out” with other likeminded folks on and offline.  Locally, many sellers all over the world have taken advantage of “meet-ups”. This is an online site offering subscribers the opportunity to connect face-to-face at local meetings. It’s easy to search meetup.com directly using the keyword EBAY. The system will pull up all types of meetings available within a 2 to 100 mile radius of your zip code.  If by chance there is not one in your area, then I highly recommend setting one up.  Feel free to use one of my meetups as an example at (http://www.meetup.com/Heart-of-Florida-eBay-Sellers-Group/)

Facebook Groups

Another way to know that you are not alone is to seek out an eBay group on Facebook.  I manage a few and welcome everyone to join us at:

Belonging to groups online allows us to know we are not alone. There are other people just like me and just like you learning more about eBay every day.

I’ve always been a bit of an “eBay Groupie” bragging about that fact for years. It’s seriously awesome to connect with other sellers that are experiencing the exact same trials and tribulations of managing and running an online business like eBay.

Communities of sellers and buyers unite online and offline sharing experiences and exchanging ideas is what helps us all grow to become bigger and better eBay sellers. I love meeting fellow eBayers that share the same passion as I and I look forward to meeting both new and experienced sellers.

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